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Why You Need To Get A Cat Tree

Do you want to keep your cat busy and out of trouble? How about getting a cat tree? Learn more about all the great benefits cat trees have to offer.

Keeping your cat entertained can be a challenge, especially if you aren’t home for most of the day. But your cat needs to stay busy if you want to keep your feline out of trouble.

So, what can you do? Give your kitty a cat tree! But do cats really need cat trees? You can decide that for yourself by reading this article to learn all about the benefits of getting a tree for your precious pet.

Keeps Your Furniture Safe

If you don’t want your cat to tear up your furniture (and who does?) setting up a cat tree provides an alternative object to scratch. This is important because cats actually need to scratch.

Giving your cat a tree will allow your feline to keep scratching without destroying your home.

Gives Your Kitty A View

Cats love being up high and looking down on everything around them. They also feel much safer while sitting up higher than potential predators.

But you might get nervous when your cat starts jumping up on your tall furniture. Put your mind at ease by giving your furry friend a cat tree. It will be safe for kitty climbing.

However, a very tall cat tree might be too dangerous for a tiny kitten who is still working on balance and coordination skills. A taller tree might also be too difficult for a senior feline to climb. In either of those cases, a shorter tree is probably better suited to your cat.

You can purchase rearrangeable blocks that form a cat tree. This will allow you to change the shape and height of the tree as your cat’s specific needs evolve throughout the course of his or her life.

Keeps Your Feline Busy And Out Of Trouble

Keeping your cat entertained prevents boredom that could lead to trouble. A cat tree is sure to provide entertainment and keep your fur ball out of mischief.

If you make a cat tree out of rearrangeable blocks, you can periodically change the tree’s shape and size so that your kitty never gets bored of playing on the tree.

Improves Your Cat’s Health

Climbing up a cat tree requires physical effort. That’s why cat trees are great for exercise! Jumping and climbing on the tree will tone and strengthen your cat’s muscles, keeping your kitty healthy and strong.

But exercise provides more than just physical benefits. It also keeps your cat’s mind healthy, which is equally important.

And when your cat is healthier, you won’t have to take as many trips to the vet. This saves money, stress, and possibly your cat’s life!

Makes Your Cat Feel Safe Enough To Sleep

Remember, cats feel safer when they are higher up because it keeps them above larger predators. When cats feel secure, they can sleep more easily, which is why the top of a cat tree also makes a great napping spot.

By now it should be clear that cat trees offer many great benefits for cats and their owners. Once you have one set up in your home, your cat will love it!

Why You Need To Get A Cat Tree
Article Name
Why You Need To Get A Cat Tree
Do you want to keep your cat busy and out of trouble? How about getting a cat tree? Learn more about all the great benefits cat trees have to offer.
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