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How to Help Your Kitty Wear a Cat Cone Collar

Is there anything you can do to make it easier for your feline to wear a cat cone collar?  Yes, there are ways you can help your precious pet!   

No cat enjoys wearing the cone of shame.  But sometimes, it can’t be avoided.

So, what should you do if your fur baby needs to wear a cat cone collar while recovering from a medical procedure?  Read on to find out!

Photo by bondarillia from Adobe Stock

Introduce Your Cat to the Collar Ahead of Time

If possible, get your cat used to wearing the collar before it’s needed.  

Here’s how:

  • Put the cone near your cat.  When your kitty starts to sniff it, reward your puss with a treat.  Stay on this step for a few days.     
  • Put the cone on your cat but don’t leave it on for long.  Before taking it off, give your feline a treat.  
  • Each time you put the cone on, increase the amount of time your cat wears it.  Remember to reward your furball with treats.

The above process will probably take at least a few weeks to work through. 

Keep Your Kitty (And Your Possessions) Safe 

Navigation becomes a bit tricky while wearing a cat cone collar.  That’s why your poor puss is likely to bump into walls, furniture, and other items.

If you want to keep both your possessions and your cat safe, here’s what you should do:

  • Move valuable items so that your cat doesn’t accidentally knock them over.  
  • Block off access to small areas where your cat could get stuck while wearing the cone.   
  • Don’t let your cat wander outside.  The cone will make it far more difficult for your kitty to navigate the great outdoors and defend herself from predators.   
  • If you have enough space in your home, create a safety zone.  Your cat can stay in this zone while wearing the cone.  This ensures the cone won’t get caught on anything.  Remember to place your cat’s bed in this safety zone.    
Photo by Patara from Adobe Stock

Make it Easy to Eat and Drink 

Eating and drinking become a bit more challenging with a cone on.  Here’s what you can do to help your furry friend:

  • Raise the food and water bowls.
  • Move the bowls farther away from the wall.
  • Hold the bowls up to your cat.
  • Hand feed your cat.
  • Use a saucer instead of bowls.
  • Take the cone off while your cat is eating or drinking.  Be sure to put it back on right after your feline is finished.  

Make it Easy for Your Cat to Use the Litter Box

If your cat has a covered litter box, the cone will make it difficult to get in and out.  That’s why you should take the top off while your cat is wearing the cone.  

Find Another Option

If all else fails, find a different way to keep your kitty from licking her stitches.  Here are some options:

  • Soft cone for cats
  • Inflatable cat collar
  • Recovery suit
  • Baby onesie 
  • Small dog sweater
Photo by lenblr from Adobe Stock

In Conclusion

Although wearing a cat cone collar isn’t fun, you can make the experience more tolerable for your four-legged friend.  

But this article’s tips alone aren’t enough to help your fur baby through this difficult time.  You also need to shower your pet with extra love and care. 

All that attention will make her feel loved, helping her better cope with the cone of shame.