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6 Great Valentine’s Day Treats for Cats

Want to make Valentine’s Day special for your kitty?  Then you need to find some tasty, cat-safe Valentine’s Day treats for your furry friend.    

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner.  And you know what that means.  Lots of chocolate!

But chocolate is cat-toxic.  Never let your kitty take a bite!  Instead, give your feline some cat-safe treats.   

Running short on ideas?  Read this article!  It lists 6 great Valentine’s Day treats for cats.   

Baked Tuna Hearts 

Photo by Nils from Unsplash

This first treat idea comes from PetMD.  It’s super quick and easy to make.  All you need is canned tuna. 

Use the tuna to make heart shapes. Then cook them in the oven.  Your fur baby will go crazy for this festive, delicious treat.  

Pink Salmon 

Here’s another great idea from PetMD.  This one is a little fancier, but it’s a perfect Valentine’s Day meal for your puss.  

Though it might cost more, it’s not hard to make.  Just grill or bake plain salmon in butter.  That’s all there is to it!

Your furry friend will gobble it up and beg for more.    


Stick to the RoutineValentine’s Day Cat Treats from Kitty Cat ChroniclesStick to the Routine

Photo by Kabo from Unsplash

Looking for a Valentine’s Day cat treat recipe?  Here’s one from Kitty Cat Chronicles.  

This tasty treat is made with chicken, oats, and catnip.  Your four-legged pal won’t be able to get enough!  

This recipe does require some time and effort.  But if you like being in the kitchen, you will enjoy the process.

Check out the full recipe and instructions at Kitty Cat Chronicles.

I and Love and Your Hearties Cat Treats 

Too busy to spend time in the kitchen?  No problem. You can buy a special treat for your cat.    

We recommend these Hair Meow’t Hearties.  They are made with 100% real salmon.  

And they don’t contain any grains, by-product meals, corn, soy, or other fillers.  Plus, this treat’s omega 3 and 6 content will help your kitty’s coat shine.   

Catnip Bouquet

Not all felines go crazy for catnip.  But for those that do, this treat idea is sure to be a big hit.

Simply gather up catnip and turn it into a bouquet.  Then give it to your kitty.  

If you don’t have catnip at home, you can buy it from the pet store or grocery store.  

Or get a toy that has catnip.  Check out this Catnip Bouquet of Red Roses from Etsy.  Wouldn’t it be a cute gift for your furball on Valentine’s Day?      

Valentine’s Day Goody Box

Photo by Timo Volz from Unsplash

If you want to go all out (and doesn’t your cat deserve it?) make a goody box for your fur baby.  Just find a box and fill it up with treats and toys.    

Putting the box together allows you to choose your kitty’s favorite treats and toys.  But if that sounds like too much work, just buy one from Chewy.  

Chewy’s goody box includes several catnip toys and treats.  Each item was handpicked by animal lovers.  So, your feline is sure to approve of their choices.  

In Conclusion 

Cats should never eat chocolate.  But that doesn’t mean your kitty can’t have any fun on Valentine’s Day.  

You just have to choose treats that are tasty and cat-safe.  And remember to give your precious puss some extra love on Valentine’s Day!  


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