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Our Top Cat Food Recommendations +1 Cat Treat Suggestion

When it comes to feeding your kitty, you need high-quality cat food you can trust. If you don’t know which brand to choose, check out these top choices.

You care about your cat’s health. That’s why you want to feed your kitty well. To do that, you must choose high-quality cat food.

Looking to switch to a better choice, but not sure what to choose? Read this article for some great suggestions.

Smalls Human-Grade Raw Cat Food

Photo  from Smalls

Just as its name sounds, this food is made of human-grade meats. But it doesn’t have any artificial colors or preservatives.

The company’s website will help you choose just the right recipe for your puss. Once you’ve decided what to order it will be delivered straight to your door.

You can also add cool products to your delivery. The company offers catnip-filled toys, freeze-dried giblets, and more.

Purina Beyond Wet Organic Cat Food

Photo from Purina

This high-protein food doesn’t contain any by-products, corn, or antibiotics. It’s also GMO-free, USDA certified organic, and budget-friendly.

The ingredient list starts with organic chicken. It also includes chicken broth, liver, and organic sweet potatoes. These healthy ingredients are sure to nourish your fur baby!

Nature’s Logic Rabbit Cat Food

Some cats are allergic to chicken. Does that sound like your furry friend?

If so, Nature’s Logic Rabbit Cat Food might be the right food for your kitty. Instead of chicken, its first ingredient is rabbit. This food also contains a long list of dried fruits and vegetables.

Furthermore, it has natural taurine, which is far better than the synthetic version used in other brands.

Open Farm Dry Cat Food

Photo from Open Farm

Ideally, your cat will eat wet food. But if you must choose dry food, we recommend this brand.

Here’s why.

For starters, cats seem to love how it tastes.

But even better, this brand only uses humanely raised animals and sustainably caught fish. All farms are audited and must meet the company’s animal welfare standards.

So, if you want to support an ethical company, choose this brand!

Ziwi Canned Cat Food

Photo from Ziwi

Here’s another ethical, sustainable brand. All ingredients are sourced from New Zealand and are hormone and antibiotic-free.

None of the company’s products contain fillers or artificial preservatives. Instead, they are bursting with good ingredients.

That includes meat, organs, bones, and seafood. The company also adds green-lipped mussels that support feline joint health.

Check out all the great flavors this brand offers. You are bound to find one that your precious puss loves!

ORIJEN Freeze-Dried Cat Treats

Photo from Orijen

Healthy meals are incredibly important. But don’t overlook your kitty’s treats. They also need to promote good health.

We recommend ORIJEN Freeze-Dried Cat Treats. This brand uses freeze-dried raw meats, poultry, and seafood.

Besides those ingredients, not much else is found in this product. And that’s great! The fewer the ingredients, the healthier the treat.

As an added bonus, cats go crazy for these tasty treats. They are both delicious and nutritious.

In Conclusion

A healthy diet contributes to overall good health. That’s why you must carefully select high-quality cat food for your four-legged pal.

So, go ahead and choose one of the options listed above. Then gradually transition to the new food.

Your cat will be so happy you did!

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