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How to Take Great Care of Your Pregnant Cat

What should you do when your cat gets pregnant? First, learn how to care for a pregnant cat. Then, put your new knowledge into action!

Is your feline expecting kittens? Then you need to know how to care for a pregnant cat.

That’s what this article is all about!

How to Confirm Your Cat’s Pregnancy

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First, get in touch with your vet. He or she can determine if your cat truly is pregnant. Your vet will also provide cat and pregnancy care advice.

Feeding a Pregnant Cat 

A pregnant puss must be well-nourished. But what should you feed your kitty?

Kitten food is a great choice. Be sure to select a high-quality brand. You can ask your veterinarian for recommendations.

During the pregnancy, keep an eye on your cat’s weight. You don’t want her to put on too many pounds. If she does, it will be more difficult to deliver the kittens.

On the other hand, not eating enough has its own problems. That includes stillbirth, small litter size, kittens that don’t weigh enough, etc.

But don’t worry. Instead, work with your veterinarian. He or she will help you keep your kitty at the right weight.

Helping Your Cat Prepare

Photo by Ritish Jarodia from Unsplash

Your pregnant cat needs a quiet, comfortable place to give birth. If you want, you could set up a nesting spot for her.

But keep in mind, your cat won’t necessarily use it. Still, it can’t hurt to try.

Here’s how to set up a nesting spot:

  • Choose a quiet area in your home. Make sure it’s out of the way.
  • Place a cardboard box or laundry basket in that spot.
  • Make the box or basket more comfortable by putting blankets inside it.
  • You could also put a heating pad underneath the blankets. This will keep the box nice and warm. Just don’t let the heating pad directly touch the kittens.

Overseeing the Delivery

In most cases, cats don’t need any help giving birth. But you will still want to keep a close eye on the delivery process.

That’s because you never know when something might go wrong. If that happens, call the vet right away.

Some potential issues include:

  • Contractions without giving birth
  • Long length of time between delivering two kittens
  • A kitten getting stuck in the birth canal
  • Excessive bleeding (Remember that some bleeding is normal)
  • Fever

Talk to your veterinarian about the birthing process ahead of time.  This will help you know what to expect.  You should also discuss possible complications.  

Post Pregnancy Care

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After giving birth, your cat is going to be busy caring for her kittens. Fortunately, most cats are good mothers and don’t need any help.

At this point, your job is to keep your kitty healthy and strong. The healthier she is, the better she can care for her family.

So, watch her closely. And continue feeding her well. If any signs of health problems appear, take her to the vet.

In Conclusion

You may feel overwhelmed when your cat gets pregnant. Don’t fret. In most cases, everything turns out fine.

But once the kittens are weaned, talk to your vet about spaying your pet. You certainly don’t want another unexpected pregnancy!

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