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Key Tips on How to Stop Cat Biting

Cats should never be allowed to bite people.  If your feline has gotten into the habit of biting, you need to learn how to keep your cat from biting you.   

Is your cat biting you?  Then you need to stop this unwanted behavior.  Read this article to learn how to keep your cat from biting you.    

Why Do Cats Bite?

Photo by Herman Delgado from Unsplash

Before you can correct your cat’s bad habit of biting, you must determine why your kitty is nipping at you.  There are several possible causes that we will discuss right now.      

Your Cat Doesn’t Want Any More Attention

Photo by Veronika Homchis  fromUnsplash

You love spending time with your kitty. And for the most part, your cat seems to enjoy it too.  But has your cat ever nipped your hand in the middle of cuddling with you?  

Don’t take it personally.  It’s just your cat’s way of letting you know that he or she has had enough attention for a while.  

Your Cat Wants Attention 

Although biting could mean your kitty needs some alone time, it could also mean your furry friend is craving attention.  If you are too busy to stop and pet your puss, your cat might get desperate enough to bite you.  

Your Feline’s Instincts are Kicking In

Cats often bite during playtime.  This is just part of their hunting instinct.  

Your Cat Becomes Aggressive

Some cat bites are caused by aggression.  An aggressive cat will also display these signs:

  • Hissing
  • Spitting
  • Arched back
  • Flattened ears
  • Tail held high

Your Kitty is Still a Baby

Kittens don’t realize they probably won’t have to hunt for their meals.  That’s why they spend so much time practicing this skill.  Unfortunately, these practice sessions often involve biting.      

How to Keep Your Cat from Biting You

Photo by Alberto Bigoni fromUnsplash

The strategy you use to keep your kitty from biting depends on the cause of this behavior.  This section will explain how to appropriately address each cause.  

Learn Your Cat’s Body Language

Your cat communicates through body language.  If you understand this language, you will notice when your cat is getting tired of your attention.  This awareness gives you the chance to stop petting your puss before you get bitten. 

Don’t Give in When Your Cat Bites

If your cat tends to bite for attention, don’t reward this behavior.  Instead, walk away and ignore your kitty for a little while.  Eventually, your cat will learn that biting doesn’t work.      

Allow Your Cat to Bite Toys

Photo by Ferenc Horvath fromUnsplash

Your hands and any other part of your body should always be off-limits during playtime.  If you don’t make this a strict rule, you will likely end up with bites and scratches. 

But biting is instinctual for felines.  So, how can you allow your furball to gratify this instinct without being harmed?

being harmed?

That’s easy.  Just give your cat a toy to tear up.  

Avoid Situations that Trigger Aggression 

What types of situations are most likely to trigger an aggressive reaction in your cat?  Once you know, do your best to avoid those situations.  

Train Your Kitten Not to Bite

Kittens need to learn that biting people isn’t acceptable.  This training should begin the day you bring your fur baby home.  

Whenever your kitten attempts to bite you, distract your little one with a more positive behavior.  But never punish your kitty.     

Whether your feline is being aggressive, playful, or demanding, cat biting should never be allowed.  Thankfully, there are steps you can take to nip this habit in the bud.    

Key Tips on How to Stop Cat Biting
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Key Tips on How to Stop Cat Biting
Cats should never be allowed to bite people. If your feline has gotten into the habit of biting, you need to learn how to keep your cat from biting you.
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