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Check Out These Rare Cat Breeds

If you are thinking about getting a purebred kitty, consider one of the rare cat breeds. These fascinating felines are wonderful companions to have around.
Most cats are mixed breeds, making a pedigree cat relatively rare. If you would like to get a purebred kitty, or you just want to learn more about cats, read this article. It contains some pretty interesting information about 5 rare cat breeds.

Devon Rex

Photo by serkucher from Adobe Stock

The Devon Rex comes from Devonshire, England. Its unique appearance is the reason for this breed’s nicknames, “Pixie Cat” and “Alien Cat.” 

The Devon Rex has an outstanding reputation for loyalty. This breed likes to follow its people all around the house, joining them in their activities.  

Because of its social nature, the Devon Rex needs an owner that is home often. So, if you live alone and work long hours, this breed probably isn’t the right choice for your situation.  

Kurilian Bobtail

Photo by cynoclub from Adobe Stock

This gorgeous kitty comes from Russia, where it’s far more common. Despite its lack of popularity in America, the Kurilian Bobtail makes a great companion. 

With a passion for playtime and a gentle nature, this breed is a fantastic match for families with kids and dogs.  But due to the breed’s exceptional hunting abilities, small animals probably shouldn’t be kept in the same house as a Kurilian Bobtail. 

While the Kurilian Bobtail is certainly stunning, its beautiful coat sheds a lot and is very high maintenance.  Keeping up with this breed’s grooming needs takes a good deal of time and effort.   

Egyptian Mau

Photo by Eric Isselée from Adobe Stock

There aren’t many cat breeds with natural spots but the Egyptian Mau is one of those rarities. This fascinating breed is also super speedy, with an ability to run as fast as 30 miles per hour.   

But the Egyptian Mau’s speed and appearance aren’t its only good qualities. This breed also has a wonderful personality and is very friendly towards the people it loves.  


Photo by ires007 from Adobe Stock

Some Peterbalds have short hair while others have no hair at all. But generally speaking, all have a great personality and impressive athletic ability. 

The Peterbald originated in 1994 and grew in popularity in St. Petersburg, Russia. Like the Devon Rex, the Peterbald is very loyal to its owners and full of affection for its people. 

That’s why the Peterbald is an excellent choice for a home with multiple pets and children.

Turkish Van

Photo by Elles Rijsdijk from Adobe Stock

Just as its name implies, this breed originated in Turkey.  You won’t see many around here though. VCA says that “Demand usually exceeds supply for this breed.”

Although very rare, the Turkish Van has a delightful personality. This breed is also incredibly smart, making the Turkish Van easy to train. 

It’s important to note that the Turkish Van has a high level of energy, requiring lots of attention and exercise.  This isn’t a lap cat by any stretch of the imagination. 

But for those who have the time and energy, the Turkish Van is a great companion. Plus, getting the right cat tree will help keep this breed entertained. 

Do any of these rare cat breeds sound like a good fit for your home?  Be sure to do further research before making any decisions.  The cat you choose needs to fit your lifestyle and get along with your family. 

Check Out These Rare Cat Breeds
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Check Out These Rare Cat Breeds
If you are thinking about getting a purebred kitty, consider one of the rare cat breeds. These fascinating felines are wonderful companions to have around.
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