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Best Tips on How to Organize Your Cat’s Supplies

Have your feline’s supplies cluttered your home?  Not to worry.  Learn some great tips on how to organize your cat’s supplies and reduce clutter.  

Caring for a cat requires some basic pet care supplies.  But those essentials can easily clutter the house.  

How can you avoid that?

By organizing your cat’s supplies.  This article will teach you how.  Read on to learn more!  

Food and Treats 

Photo byJoyful from Unsplash

Organizing your cat’s food is fairly easy.  First, choose a kitchen cupboard or pantry shelf for storing pet food. If possible, don’t keep anything else on this shelf.     

Next, follow these tips:

  • Stack canned food.
  • Store dry food in airtight containers.  
  • Keep the dry food scoop in the container.
  • Store treats in cute jars.  You can find animal-themed jars at the pet store.    

Feeding Station  

Photo by Nick Karvounis from Unsplash

 A cat feeding station will help keep mealtime tidy.  To avoid stepping over your cat, place the station in an out-of-the-way area.

Litter Box Area

The litter box will never be pretty to look at.  But your cat’s litter box area can be well organized.  

Here are some ideas:

  • Hang the scoop.  You can make your own hanger or buy a litter box that has an attached hanger.    
  • You could also buy a litter scoop stand.   
  • Keep plastic bags on a hanger.
  • Or store plastic bags in a nearby cupboard. 

Cat Toys 

Your cat’s toys are likely all over the house.  Eliminate this clutter by storing the toys in a basket.  

Your kitty might try to pull the toys out.  That’s why you should keep the basket out of your cat’s reach.  

You can do that by putting it on a shelf.  If it will be on prominent display, choose a cute basket that matches your home décor.  

But don’t deprive your puss of playtime.  Bring out a few toys each day.  Just remember to put them away when your feline is done playing.  

Want another tip?  Periodically purge your cat’s toys.  This involves going through them and deciding which to keep.  If your cat has lost interest in any toys, get rid of them. 

Grooming Supplies

Put all of your cat’s grooming supplies in a plastic carrier.  Then store the carrier in a closet.  This keeps them out of sight while making it easy to grab them.   

Create a Cat Zone

Photo by Ayla Verschueren from Unsplash

You may prefer keeping all of your cat’s supplies together.  In that case, create a cat zone.  This zone is an area of your home that belongs to your cat.  

It needs to be big enough to fit all of your cat’s possessions.  That includes the cat tree, cat scratcher, food and water bowls, toys, litter box, etc.

When setting up this area, keep enough space between the food and litter box.  Otherwise, your cat may develop litter box problems.  

To organize this space, use all the tips from this article.  If the cat zone isn’t near any closets or cupboards, buy a freestanding cupboard.  

Put the cupboard in the cat zone.  Use it to store food, grooming supplies, litter bags, toys, and more.

In Conclusion 

Your cat’s supplies don’t have to clutter your home.  Instead, you can organize them.  So, get to work!  You will feel so much better when everything is in order.  


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