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How to Celebrate National Answer Your Cat’s Questions Day

National Answer Your Cat’s Questions Day is the perfect opportunity to learn more about your cat.  Find out how to celebrate this fun, educational holiday!  

January 22nd is a very special day.  Know why?

It’s National Answer Your Cat’s Questions Day!  If you’ve never heard of this holiday, this article will teach you all about it.   

What is National Answer Your Cat’s Questions Day?

Photo by Alice Feigel from Unsplash

Don’t be deceived by the name of this holiday.  It will really be you, not your cat, asking questions. 

Here’s how it works.

  • Spend some time reflecting on your kitty’s behaviors.  That could include your cat’s preferred napping space, frequent meows, reactions to loud noises, etc.
  • As you reflect on these various behaviors, come up with questions for each one.  The questions should be phrased as though they are coming from your cat.     
  • For example, maybe your puss doesn’t like getting inside the carrier when it’s time to head to the vet.  
  • In that case, the question might be something like, “Why do you stuff me inside this cramped box and then take me to a scary place where strangers poke and stare at me?”
  • That question enables you to look at the situation from your feline’s perspective.  And once you gain that new perspective, you can work on becoming a better cat parent.    
  • For the cat carrier example, that would mean teaching your kitty that getting inside the carrier and going to the vet aren’t bad things.  

To sum it all up, the goal of this holiday is to help cat lovers become even better kitty caregivers.  

How to Celebrate This Awesome Holiday

Photo by Velizar Ivanov from Unsplash

National Answer Your Cat’s Questions Day is quickly approaching.  If you need some ideas for how to celebrate, here are just a few.  

Come Up with Questions and Find the Answers

Obviously, the most important part of this holiday involves thinking about your cat’s behaviors and coming up with questions.   

After you’ve come up with the questions, it’s time to do a little research.  If we use the cat carrier example given above, you would need to research how to get your cat used to the carrier and the vet.  

Connect with Other Cat Parents

Whether it’s on a forum dedicated to kitty care, or in a social media group created for animal lovers, you can find other committed cat parents online.  

So, why not join one of those online communities on National Answer Your Cat’s Questions Day?  You will learn so much about cat care from those you meet. And you can probably teach them a few things in return.  

Spread the Word

Want to help other cat parents understand their kitties better?  Then make them aware of this fun holiday.  

You can do that by hopping onto social media and creating a whole post about National Answer Your Cat’s Questions Day.  

Be sure to include an adorable picture of your fur baby.  That’s a guaranteed way to make others pay attention to your post!

Photo by Catherine Heath from Unsplash

In Conclusion 

Now that you know what it’s all about, are you excited for National Answer Your Cat’s Questions Day?  We sure are!  

And we know your kitty is too.  So, enjoy that special day and use it to learn more about your four-legged pal.  

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