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Most Popular Cat Accounts You Must Follow On Social Media

Want to see more kitties in your social media feed? Then you have to follow more cat-themed accounts. Find out which accounts are the most popular.

You are a cat lover. So, wouldn’t it be great to see more kitties in your social media feed?

You can! Just start following more cat-related accounts.

We’ve listed some of your top choices. They post some pretty great content that will brighten your day.

Kitten Lady

Photo from Kitten Lady

Does your heart just melt whenever you see an adorable kitten? Then you need to follow Kitten Lady on Instagram! 

Kitten Lady’s real name is Hannah Shaw. She is an author, educator, pet rescuer, and pet foster mom. She is also the founder of Orphan Kitten Club, which has its own Instagram account.

Kitten Lady’s posts will certainly bring a smile to your face. She shares incredibly cute pictures of kittens, puppies, and pigs.

And be sure to check out her shop for some awesome apparel and jewelry. You will even find an official Kitten Lady Tote Bag.

Cats of Instagram  

If you love kitties, then you absolutely need to follow Cats of Instagram. This account has all kinds of feline-themed posts.

Some are irresistibly cute. Others are funny. And some are beautiful and inspiring.

Nala The Cat

Photo from Facebook

Nala the Cat has over 4 million followers on Instagram. She has also been on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and TikTok.

No wonder she has a world record for her popularity on social media!

But Nala wasn’t always at the top. Her story began at a shelter.

She was adopted when she was 5 months old. Since then, she’s climbed the ranks to social media stardom.

Way to go Nala!

Simon’s Cat

Photo from Simon’s Cat

Simon’s Cat is a fun, animated show made for cat-crazy people like you. You definitely need to check it out.

All the videos can be found on YouTube. Start with the main channel. Then watch more great videos on the extra channel.

You can also follow Simon’s Cat on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

And don’t forget to visit the official website. This is where you can keep up with all the latest blog posts.

Simon’s Cat even has a shop. You will find customizable products, like mugs, prints, and stationary.

Cole and Marmalade

Want to learn more about cats? Cole and Marmalade have the purrfect channel for you!

This rescued pair was adopted by Chris and Jess. They refer to themselves as human servants. And what cat parent doesn’t feel that way?

We all need some help becoming better human servants. Luckily, Chris and Jess have created tons of educational videos.

Those videos will help you provide even better cat care.

Sunglass Cat

Bagel is always wearing sunglasses. That’s why she’s known as Sunglass Cat on Instagram.

Those sunglasses serve an important purpose. Bagel was born without eyelids. So, she needs the glasses for protection.

But they also allow her to embrace her own, unique style. And that’s why people love her!

In Conclusion

Seeing cat-related posts makes social media more enjoyable. So, start following one or all of the accounts we listed above.

Then be sure to enjoy all the cute pictures and videos!  

Most Popular Cat Accounts You Must Follow on Social Media
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Most Popular Cat Accounts You Must Follow on Social Media
Popular cat accounts you should follow on social media
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