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Modern Cat Furniture Your Pet Will Love

What is modern cat furniture?

Did you know that cats are the second most popular pet in the world? 

Yes, it’s true!

There are over 200 million domesticated cats globally. Cats bring joy into our lives, so we want to make our homes as comfortable and cat friendly as possible. In addition to the essentials (such as a litter box and water bowl), there is another thing all homes should have for their kitties…

Modern cat furniture. 

This is exactly what it sounds like; contemporary, stylish, and aesthetically pleasing furniture designed with a cat’s preferences and feline psychology in mind. Just like beds, chairs, and tables made for human bodies, cat furniture is built to enhance a cat’s mental and physical health and well-being. Plus, it protects your own couch and chairs from damage, scratch marks, stains, and fur. 

Katris is here with a list of all the best modern cat furniture, including cat trees, shelves, beds, condos, towers, hammocks, and more! 

Types of modern cat furniture

So, what kind of furniture should you buy?

It all depends on your cat’s personality, age, and habits. For example, kittens and younger cats might be more athletic than a senior cat diagnosed with feline arthritis and joint pain. Therefore, it’s important to learn about the many different types of cat furniture so that you can choose whatever is best suited to your little fluff ball. 

Below, let’s look at some of the most popular cat furniture options. 

Cat trees

To start, a purrfect choice for a cat who has never had its own furniture is a cat tree

This simple piece of cat furniture can easily be found in pet stores and online. Essentially, a cat tree consists of multiple levels, platforms, and posts…like a tree! Usually, these are covered in sisal rope or carpet. This material is excellent for cats because it is safe for their claws. It also encourages natural scratching and climbing behavior. 

But what makes a cat tree really special is its height. Cats love to sit up high. Watching their surroundings is a favorite pastime. Luckily, cat trees come in a variety of sizes and shapes. Many have special features, too, like cat condos, hiding spots, and toys that offer your kitty hours of mental stimulation and entertainment. 

A orange tabby sniffing the cat furniture
(Image by Petrebels on Unsplash)

Cat Shelves

The second type of modern cat furniture is the cat shelf (and no, this isn’t where your cat puts their books).

Unlike a traditional bookshelf, a cat shelf isn’t for reading! Instead, it is a narrow platform that attaches to a wall. Often, it’s made of plastic or wood. It is either drilled or nailed on. The beauty of cat shelves is that the innovative design allows them to be placed anywhere in the room. People with limited space and smaller homes appreciate them because they don’t take up a lot of floor space. This makes cat shelves both stylish and practical.

The best part?

Cat shelves can be arranged however you like. Assemble the pieces together in a group, going up or down like stairs or in a straight line to create a walking path for your cat to exercise and explore. 

However, keep in mind the limitations of cat shelves. For example, one disadvantage is that they require wall modifications, such as drilling into plaster or wood. This can be a problem for people who rent apartments because you will need landlord approval. Additionally, you must do your due diligence beforehand to ensure the wall can support the weight (of both the shelf and your cat!) prior to installation.

Cat Beds

Cat bed
(Image by nmarnaya on Freepik)

Next, we have cat beds.

Soft and warm, a cat bed is a must-have. All animals – including cats – need somewhere to sleep. It’s critical that pets feel safe when resting; otherwise, stress and insomnia will affect their health (in fact, lack of sleep even harms a cat’s immune system…uh oh). So, protect your kitty by offering a cat bed. They come in a wide range of styles, from soft, plush material and stuffing to more durable materials like wicker or plastic. Some have raised hoods as well. This gives cats a sense of security as they slumber. During the cold winter months, it also keeps heat inside. 

If you see your cat curled up on the floor, definitely try adding a cat bed. 

Cat Scratching Posts

Cat Scratching Posts
(Image by user12952888 on Freepik)

Fourth on Katris’ list of cat furniture is a scratching post. 

Cats need scratching posts for several reasons. They keep claws sharp, exercise muscles in the paws, remove outer nail layers, and are how felines mark their territory…AKA your home. Unfortunately, cats will do whatever they can to maintain their claws, including destroying drapes, chair legs, couch pillows, etc. Uh oh. To stop this from happening, get a cat scratching post. This vertical structure is made from sisal rope, carpet, or wood. It is tough and sturdy. Some even have little feathers, bells, balls, and toys for fun. 

Cat Condo

Does your cat get grumpy without peace and quiet?

In loud and busy households, cats need somewhere to go. Whether it’s to escape a barking dog, laughing children, or a noisy vacuum, cats prefer to find a perch where they can observe what’s happening on the ground below. Thankfully, a cat condo is the answer. This carpeted structure consists of multiple levels connected by ramps, ladders, or scratching posts. They can be large and complex or smaller basic. Most are a few feet tall. 

Elaborate cat condos come with hiding spaces and toys, making them fantastic for a cat’s physical and mental health. 

Cat Tower

Lastly, don’t miss out on a cat tower.

Similar to a cat condo, a cat tower is another term for indoor cat furniture designed for them to climb, perch, sleep, and play on. A cat tower will have a broad and sturdy base that keeps it upright as cats jump, scratch, climb, and scale to the top. 

What is the best modern cat furniture?

Alright, cat lovers.

Now that we understand what’s available, the next question is, “What is the absolute best modern cat furniture?” Fortunately, Katris has done the market research for you. In the paragraphs below, let’s go over the bestsellers and our personal favorites.  

Orange tabby scratching the modern cat furniture
(Image by Petrebels on Unsplash)

Modern cat tree: KATRIS Modular Cat Tree

Modern cat tree: KATRIS Modular Cat Tree
(Image from Katris)

First up is the trendy KATRIS Modular Cat Tree. 

Hands down (or should we say, paws down?), this is the most durable, safe, and sustainable option out there. Every single block is made from 200 sheets of heavy-duty paperboard, thus making it eco-friendly – wow. Additionally, it will hold up against wear and tear. 

But most importantly, it’s designed to make cats meow with happiness! Modular blocks are arranged and stacked in different configurations, allowing cat owners to create a customized cat tree that suits their cat’s needs – such as scratching and exploring at varying heights – and their living space. Unlike other cat trees, it’s 100% customizable. This is great news since you can purchase one, two, three, or four shelves and design them in a configuration that maximizes the unique layout of your space without needing to get rid of existing furniture.

The only downside is the cost. This is a slightly more expensive cat tree. However, it’s worth the money. By investing in high-quality materials, KATRIS Modular Cat Trees will last for years. 

Want to learn more about the amazing features of the KATRIS Modular Cat Tree? Head over to our website now to explore all the configurations and see why cat lovers everywhere are raving about it!

Modern cat tower: Grove Cat Tower

Modern cat tower: Grove Cat Tower
(Image from Etsy)

Next, consider the Grove Cat Tower.

Made with a distinctive slatted design, this cat tower is great for households with one or two cats. That’s because it has a top perch and lower hideout. Add a cushion to the bottom, and it’s a fantastic spot for kitties to sleep away in the afternoon. At either 21 inches or 41 inches, it’s also not too tall. This could be a con if your cat loves to sit up high. It also has limited “stretching out” space. So, large cats could find it too small. However, for medium-sized and older cats and those with mobility concerns like arthritis or leg and spine injuries, the short version could be a good match.  

Modern cat bed: KATRIS Nest

Modern cat bed: KATRIS Nest
(Image from Katris)

The third modern cat furniture your pet will love is the KATRIS Nest.

And yes, just like the name implies…it resembles a bird nest! 

This is excellent news for cats who prefer sleeping in a ball. Curling up preserves body warmth while simultaneously making the feline brain feel safe from harm. And the KATRIS Nest was created with cat psychology in mind. The unique shape is made with 100 side panels that slightly shift when your cat rubs their back, protecting their backs from all angles. Since it sits on the ground, there’s no risk of accidentally falling off a perch or ledge. At 19 inches wide, it fits all cat sizes. We also love the replaceable scratching pad in the middle.   

In terms of cons, this is big enough for one cat only. It’s also not machine washable. Yet it does have replaceable parts. Compared to similar products, the KATRIS Nest is also more durable and scratch resistant, adding to its longevity as a product.

Visit our website now to see why KATRIS Nest is the perfect addition to your cat’s lifestyle.

Modern cat condo: Metropolitan Cat Condo

Modern cat condo: Metropolitan Cat Condo
(Image from  The Refined Feline)

Are you looking at cat furniture made for large cats?

Don’t forget about the Metropolitan Cat Condo. For breeds such as Ragdolls, Maine Coons, Norwegian Forest Cats, Persians, Savannahs, etc., fur moms and dads need to buy condos that aren’t too tiny. Otherwise, your precious kitty will ignore their new condo or get stuck or hurt going in and out. Yikes…Skip future problems by purchasing jumbo furniture. At 13 inches x 18.5 inches per platform, big cats adore resting on the with 5 white faux fur pads. For added security, it can also be anchored to a wall. Cozy, cute, and safe! 

Worn-out parts will need replacing eventually. Likewise, it is only available in more neutral colors (black, white, grey, and gold).  

Modern cat wall shelves: The Refined Feline Cat Cloud Cat Shelf

Modern cat wall shelves: The Refined Feline Cat Cloud Cat Shelf
(Image from  The Refined Feline)

Walking on a cloud…

That’s what these modern cat shelves feel like. 

White and designed with curved edges, the Refined Feline Cat Cloud Cat Shelf comes with two large platforms that truly resemble fluffy clouds in the sky. These wall-mounted shelves measure 10 inches by 20 inches and can hold an impressive 70 lbs thanks to the durable powder-coated steel construction. Cats can jump, run, and tiptoe towards their favorite window or while carefully watching as people and other animals pass below, making it wonderful for their hunting instincts. 

Just be careful about installation. The modern cat shelves permanently alter walls, so if you rent a house or apartment, double-check that heavy items can be drilled on. 

Modern cat litter box: Modkat XL Litter Box

Modern cat litter box: Modkat XL Litter Box
(Image from Modkat)

What’s that smell?

Well, if you have the Modkat XL Litter Box, you don’t need to worry about gross odor!

This modern cat litter box is popular. It has over 1000 five-star reviews. People appreciate how the top-entry configuration stops pebbles from making a mess all over the floors. Cats can dig to bury their poop easily. Then when they walk out, a tray catches any litter stuck to their toes. It also provides plenty of bathroom privacy. But best of all is the liners! They are made from an easy-to-wash and reusable material called tarpaulin that lasts about 3 months. 

An amazing choice for environmentally conscious pet parents. But do commit to regular cleaning, or it will get dirty and could make cats sick.  

Modern cat scratching post: The Ultimate Scratching Post by SmartCat

Modern cat scratching post: The Ultimate Scratching Post by SmartCat
(Image from  Pioneer Pet)

Finally, Katris cannot get enough of SmartCat’s Ultimate Scratching Post. 

This is the #1 way for cats to relieve stress, frustration, and boredom. Each 32-inch tall structure comes with fibrous and durable woven sisal rope. It gives kitties a safe and acceptable place to satisfy their natural scratching instincts. Much better than the couch, right? The minimalist design easily fits into any room. Most cats will enjoy it, yet some prefer horizontal scratching posts vs. vertical ones. 

Bonus tip: If your cat doesn’t seem interested, try sprinkling a pinch of catnip on top. 

Modern cat furniture for large cats

Feandrea Cat Tree

Modern cat furniture for large cats
(Image from Amazon)

Attention, all gentle giants!

This cat tree is for you. It is designed for cats who weigh up to 16 lbs. The well-padded raised edges offer much room to roll, stretch, and lay around, even for the chubbiest and fluffiest kitties. Cats who share a home will say “thank you” for giving them multiple levels and two condos. In this way, nobody needs to hiss or fight. Anti-toppling fittings keep the tree from falling – phew.

Unfortunately, there is not a lot of sisal rope. You may want to add your own scratching post beside the tree.  

A yello tabby resting on the modern cat furniture
(Image by Erica Marsland Huynh on Unsplash)

Prestige Neutral Main Coon Cat Tower Cat Tree

Prestige Neutral Main Coon Cat Tower Cat Tree
(Image from Amazon)

Lastly, we have the king of cat trees! 

Handcrafted in the USA, this is a luxury for large-breed cats. Measuring 24 inches wide x 24 inches in diameter and 65 inches tall, it’s a gigantic structure. Heavier cats can play on the solid wood structure without fear of it collapsing. The natural un-oiled sisal rope offers mental and physical stimulation for their brains and claws. Not to mention, the soft carpet is oh so soft. Your large cats will be delighted to have a comfortable tree that is the correct size for them.  

Be sure to budget. This cat tree is on the expensive side. 

Cool Modern Cat Furniture

Great job, pet parents.

You have successfully learned about all the different types of cat furniture. But we have one more to go! Often, we get asked about cool modern cat furniture that is functional and looks great as décor (which cats obviously enjoy, too).

The answer? 

The KATRIS Modular Cat Tree.

KATRIS Modular Cat Tree
(Image from Katris)

Let’s begin with the benefits for cats. It comes with five blocks. These can be arranged in any design imaginable. Does your cat like watching birds from a window? Set it up by the glass. Or maybe your cat uses steps. Wonderful – just start at the bottom and add blocks up, up, and away for endless mixing and matching to keep cats entertained and exercised. High-density and eco-friendly materials are held secure by 10 clips for endless mixing and matching. 

Stylish, long-lasting, and simple to replace if one piece gets worn out, this is the clear winner. 

Ready to spoil your cat?  

Check out the KATRIS Modular Cat Tree today!