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Kitty Approved Thanksgiving Food For Cats

Did you know that your cat can enjoy Thanksgiving with you? Learn more about Thanksgiving food for cats so that you can prepare a feline safe meal.

Thanksgiving is a day for counting our blessings. If your cat is one of your biggest blessings, show your appreciation by giving your kitty Thanksgiving food for cats.

Of course, you can’t give your cat just anything. Keep your feline safe by learning which foods are okay and which aren’t.

Ingredients Your Cat Should Never Have

You might be tempted to let your cat indulge in mashed potatoes loaded with gravy and butter, or stuffing full of garlic and onions, but that’s not a good idea.

Why? Because many of the ingredients used in traditional Thanksgiving recipes are cat toxic. Some examples of those ingredients include:

  • Garlic
  • Onions
  • Shallots
  • Butter
  • Milk

As you can see, allowing your cat to eat the meal you’ve prepared for your table is dangerous. Creating separate Thanksgiving food for cats is a far better idea.

Don’t stress. Taking that extra step won’t require much time or effort.

Word Of Caution

Before we talk about Thanksgiving treats for cats, we need to remind you of a few things:

  • Every cat is different. Just because some foods are considered cat safe, doesn’t necessarily mean your cat can tolerate them. Remember to keep your cat’s individual food allergies and intolerances in mind.
  • Don’t go overboard. Giving your cat too many goodies can make your kitty sick. Just a little extra treat is plenty for your furry friend.
  • The list of ingredients to avoid (found in the previous section) is not exhaustive. Whenever you want to give your cat something new to eat, look it up first to make sure it won’t harm your precious pet.

Thanksgiving Food For Cats

Now for the fun part. Making something tasty for your kitty to enjoy on Thanksgiving Day!

Here are some ideas.


Boneless, skinless white turkey meat is perfectly safe for cats to enjoy. If you will be making the turkey for the feast this year, pull off some of the white meat and give it to your cat.


Cats are carnivores, but having a small serving of plain, cooked potatoes every once in a while won’t hurt.

While making your own mashed potato dish, scoop some out for your cat before you add any dairy products and seasonings. Only plain potatoes are safe for cats.


If your cat likes this delicious fruit, cranberries are the perfect Thanksgiving treat for your four-legged buddy. But make sure the cranberries you serve to your feline don’t contain any cat-toxic ingredients or too much sugar.


As with all other Thanksgiving foods for cats, don’t add any extra ingredients to your cat’s pumpkin treat. Basic is always best for kitties.

If you are making pumpkin pie, simply set aside some pumpkin puree for your cat. You could even try freezing the puree into treat-sized pieces.

When you include your cat in the holiday, Thanksgiving becomes even more special and fun. So, go ahead and pick out one of the Thanksgiving treats for cats listed in this article. Your cat will love it!

Photography by Jasmin Schuler, Lina Angelov, Melissa Di Rocco, and Ira Mint on Unsplash.

Kitty Approved Thanksgiving Food For Cats
Article Name
Kitty Approved Thanksgiving Food For Cats
Did you know that your cat can enjoy Thanksgiving with you? Learn more about Thanksgiving food for cats so that you can prepare a feline safe meal.
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