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You Need to Use These Kitten Training Tips

Want your kitten to grow into a well-behaved adult cat? Then you need to learn some kitten training tips that will help you succeed.
We all know that puppies need training. But what about kittens? Yep, they need it too. Keep reading to learn some kitten training tips.

Photo by Anusha Barwa  from Unsplash

What Kind of Training Do Kittens Need?

Puppy training is focused on obedience skills. But kitten training is more about teaching good behaviors that make it easier to live with and handle your cat.
Here are a few examples of what your kitten needs to learn.

How to be Handled

Training your kitten to tolerate being picked up and held should begin at a young age. To succeed in this task, you must not let your feline wiggle free from your arms.
Instead, keep holding your kitten. Don’t let your puss go until your kitten relaxes.

What to Scratch

Photo by Alvan Nee  from Unsplash

Cats need to scratch. That’s why we would never recommend declawing. But that doesn’t mean your furniture has to be torn apart.
Just redirect your kitten to scratch something else. Get a cat scratcher and entice your fur ball to use it by placing a treat on or near the cat scratcher.

Stop Biting

You must not let your kitten get away with biting. Every time your feline tries to take a nip at you, stop giving your kitty attention.
This will teach your kitten that biting ends the fun, making your pet less inclined to bite in the future.

Kitten Training Tips

Don’t be intimidated by the thought of training your kitten. The following tips will make the process easier and more effective. 

Never Punish Your Feline

Photo by Bao Menglong  from Unsplash

Punishment is often ineffective and harmful to your relationship with your kitty. When poorly timed, it can confuse your kitten, making it impossible for your pet to connect the negative consequence to the bad behavior.      

Even worse, your kitten might become fearful of you. This will hinder your bond with your pet, possibly causing your kitten to stay far away from you. 

Redirect Your Kitten’s Undesired Behaviors

Instead of punishment, use redirection. When your kitten is doing something you don’t like, encourage a more desirable behavior. 

For example, if your kitten tries to jump on the dining room table, put a treat on the cat tree. This will encourage your four-legged friend to jump on the cat tree instead.  

Offer Rewards for Good Behavior

Take advantage of every opportunity to reward your kitten. Giving extra attention and offering treats are two very effective rewards. In fact, you might be amazed by what your kitten is willing to do for a tasty treat!  

Choose Quiet Times for Training

If possible, keep distractions to a minimum whenever training your kitten. Otherwise, a flutter of activity and lots of noise make it hard for kittens to stay focused.   

Keep it Short and Sweet

Photo by Alexandru Zdrobău  from Unsplash

Your kitten can only take so much at once, so keep your training sessions short. Don’t go longer than 15 minutes at a time. 

Training is a vital aspect of raising a kitten. But it doesn’t have to be hard. The kitten training tips we’ve shared should help you successfully train your kitty. This will one day result in a well-behaved adult cat.     

You Need to Use These Kitten Training Tips
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You Need to Use These Kitten Training Tips
Want your kitten to grow into a well-behaved adult cat? Then you need to learn some kitten training tips that will help you succeed.
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