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Top Tips on Kitten Care for the First Few Weeks

Are you bringing a new kitten home? How exciting! Get prepared by learning how to provide adequate kitten care during the first few weeks.    

Getting a new kitten can be so much fun!  But it’s also a major responsibility. Read this article to learn more about kitten care during the first few weeks.

Photo by Fuzzy Rescue from Unsplash

Keep Your Kitten in One Room 

Avoid overwhelming your fur baby by keeping your kitten in one room during the first few weeks. This is especially important if you already have other pets.    

Be sure to kitty-proof this room ahead of time. The last thing you want is your new furry friend getting into something dangerous.   

Take your kitten to this room as soon as you get your little one home. Then show your kitty where the litter box and food and water bowls are. Other than that, let your kitten investigate the room at his or her own pace.      

Make the Carrier Appealing to Your Kitten

Photo by James Yarema from Unsplash

You should immediately begin training your kitten. That includes getting your kitty comfortable with the carrier.  

Why is this important?

Because it will make it so much easier to take trips to the veterinarian or other places that require a carrier.  

Here are some tips for making the carrier more appealing to your kitten:  

  • Leave the carrier in your kitten’s room. Seeing it every day will help your pet become more familiar with it. And the more familiar it becomes, the less intimidating it will be.  
  • Place treats inside the carrier to convince your kitty to enter it. These treats will also help your kitten associate the carrier with pleasure.   
  • Try closing the door for just a few seconds while your kitten is inside the carrier. Gradually increase the amount of time you keep the door closed, being sure to reward your pet with treats.  

Let Your Fur Baby Get Plenty of Sleep

Just like human babies, kittens require lots of sleep. How much sleep?  Maybe as much as 16 hours per day!

You can help your kitten get enough rest by providing a comfy cat bed. Place soft blankets in this bed for maximum comfort.    

Play with Your Kitty

Photo by Willian Justen de Vasconcellos from Unsplash

Kittens love playing! But playtime is more than just fun and games. It also serves an important purpose by helping kittens learn how to behave like an adult cat.   

That’s why you need to make sure your kitten gets plenty of opportunities to play. You can do this by playing with your fur baby regularly. These play sessions will also strengthen your bond with your kitty.  

Train Your Kitten

As already mentioned, training should begin on day one. Besides carrier training, you also need to focus on:

  • Teaching your kitten to tear up a cat scratcher instead of your furniture.
  • Getting your kitten used to interacting with other people (and possibly other pets).
  • Correcting bad behaviors, such as biting or scratching you.
  • Teaching your kitten how to behave at the vet.

Kitten care may be a lot of work, but these fun little fur balls are so worth it. Enjoy these first few weeks while your kitty is still a baby. Because before you know it, your fur baby will be a grown-up cat!

Top Tips on Kitten Care for the First Few Weeks
Article Name
Top Tips on Kitten Care for the First Few Weeks
Are you bringing a new kitten home? How exciting! Get prepared by learning how to provide adequate kitten care during the first few weeks.
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