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How to Keep Small Pets Safe with Cats

Do you want a small pet? Do you already own a cat? Avoid disaster by learning how to keep small pets safe with cats in the same home.
So, you want to get a small pet, such as a rabbit or a guinea pig. But you already have a cat. Can the two get along with each other?
If you take the necessary precautions and properly introduce them to each other, small pets can live with cats in the same home.
Learn how to make that possible by reading this article.

Make the Proper Introductions

Photo by Kim Green from Unsplash

When bringing a small pet home, you must work through a carefully planned introduction process. This will help your kitty get used to your new furry friend. 

Don’t conduct their initial meeting in your cat’s favorite location. Instead, choose a neutral area of your home. 

If you want that meeting to go smoothly, here’s what you need to do:

  • Keep your small pet in its cage.
  • Bring your cat over to the cage.
  • Hold on to your cat and don’t let go.
  • Let your kitty sniff the cage while you are holding on to your puss.

You might have to repeat this step for several days or weeks before you feel comfortable enough to ease your grip on your cat.  Remember, it’s okay to go slow.  You don’t want to rush this process. 

Supervise Your Pets

Photo by Henry Lai from Unsplash

Eventually, your cat will become more used to your small pet. But no matter how friendly your feline appears to be, never let your guard down. Especially if you allow your small pet to play outside of the cage.

Intervene if Necessary

Photo by Daniel Tuttle  from Unsplash

Whenever your pets are together, you must be ready to intervene at a moment’s notice. But how do you know when to step in?
Look out for signs of aggression or fear from either animal. If those signs appear, your pets should be separated. This will keep both of them safe.

Block Access to Your Small Pet’s Cage

Your small pet is the most vulnerable when outside of the cage. However, being inside the cage doesn’t guarantee safety.
That’s because some cats might try to reach through the bars of the cage and take a swipe at your little pet. And if the cage is light, your kitty might accidentally knock it over.
Since you can’t be around 24/7 to supervise, put up a barrier that keeps your feline away from the cage. If you want to, you can remove the barrier whenever you are in the room with the cage.

Create a Separate Area for Each Animal

Perhaps your cat and small pet will never learn how to get along. Or maybe you would just feel more comfortable keeping them apart.
Either way, there is a solution. And it’s actually pretty simple. Just keep your kitty out of the room where your small pet lives.
But don’t let your cat feel left out. Instead, give your cat a special place too. Include a cat bed, toys, and a cat tree in this area.
As you can see, small pets can live with cats. You just have to be very careful. If you are willing to do that, go ahead and add a small pet to your furry family!

How to Keep Small Pets Safe with Cats
Article Name
How to Keep Small Pets Safe with Cats
Do you want a small pet? Do you already own a cat? Avoid disaster by learning how to keep small pets safe with cats in the same home.
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