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You Can Keep Your Cat Calm at the Vet

Does your cat hate going to the vet?  Don’t fret.  By learning how to keep your cat calm at the vet, you can reduce your pet’s stress. 

Going to the vet can be super stressful for your cat.  If you want to ease your fur baby’s stress, read this article.  It will teach you how to keep your cat calm at the vet.  

Photo by Andrey Kuzmin from Adobe Stock

Get Your Cat Used to Being Examined

An examination and veterinary procedures require veterinarians to handle your cat.  This might make your kitty feel nervous unless your pet is already used to being handled.     

You can get your cat used to being handled by playing veterinarian at home.  Although you won’t be able to do everything a vet has been trained for, you can touch and examine your cat’s ears and paws.  

You can also trim your fur ball’s nails and clean your feline’s ears.  Be sure to reward your cat with treats during these practice sessions.     

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Get Your Cat Comfortable with the Carrier

You can’t really take your cat anywhere without a carrier.  That’s why you need to help your kitty feel comfortable with this mode of transportation.   

Here are some tips that should help:

  • Let the carrier sit out so that it becomes more familiar to your puss.  Over by the cat bed is one example of a great spot.  
  • Place treats inside the carrier to convince your cat to enter it.
  • Open and close the carrier door while your cat is inside it.  

Use Treats as a Reward

Consider giving your pet a smaller breakfast on the day of the appointment.  This will make your feline hungry, causing your cat to behave well in exchange for treats.

Ask the vet to feed those treats to your cat during the exam.  When your kitty begins to associate the vet with treats, your four-legged pal might actually look forward to these visits.  

Photo by Mariana Hanna from Unsplash

Don’t Stress, Just Relax

While getting ready to go to the vet, take a deep breath and relax.  Don’t let yourself get nervous about how your cat will react to being placed inside the carrier, going for a car ride, and being examined by strangers.    

Instead, stay cool and composed.  This will help keep your cat calm at the vet.  But if you get anxious, that anxiety will rub off on your furry friend.   

Look for These Certifications

Some veterinary clinics are going the extra mile for their cat patients.  These veterinarians have one or more of the following certifications. 

  • Fear FreeAs experts in preventing animal anxiety, these veterinarians follow fear-free principles to conduct exams and procedures, resulting in a positive experience for your cat.      
  • Cat-Friendly PracticeThis certification program teaches veterinarians how to cater their services and facilities to a feline’s specific needs.  Your cat will feel right at home with one of these vets.    
  • Low-Stress Handling –These veterinarians have been trained to minimize the stress of veterinary care.  Rather than using force to carry out exams and procedures, this program teaches vets how to eliminate the source of stress.  

Visiting the vet doesn’t have to be a traumatizing experience.  Instead, you can keep your cat calm at the vet.  All it takes is a little care, preparation, and effort.  

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