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How to Start Introducing a New Cat

If you want another kitty you have to learn about introducing a new cat to the one that already lives in your home. This will help them live in peace together.       

Adding a second cat to your home can be a bit complicated. But it’s far from impossible! Read this article to learn all about introducing a new cat to the one you already own.

The amount of time the introduction process takes varies from cat to cat. It’s up to you to determine when your two kitties are ready to move on to the next step. 

Photo by Malin from Unsplash

Give Your New Cat a Room

Photo by Steve Tsang from Unsplash

Before bringing your fur baby home, choose which room to keep your new cat in. After your cat moves in, keep the door of that room closed.   

Provide a few items for your new cat to mark. A cat scratcher is a great option.

At this point, don’t let your other cat spot the new one. They should not be allowed to see each other until a little later.  

Let Your Cats Check Out Each Other’s Territories  

Photo by Michael Browning  from Unsplash

Don’t move on to this phase until your new feline is ready to explore the rest of your home. 

When that happens, follow these steps:

  • Put your new cat into another closed up room. 
  • Direct your other feline to your new cat’s room. Close the door after your cat enters the room.   
  • Let your new cat investigate the rest of your home.
  • When finished exploring, put your cats back into their own territories.

You can repeat this process however many times you feel is necessary. Just be sure to keep your two cats from seeing each other. 

Shared Feeding Times

Put both of your cats’ food bowls by the door of your new kitty’s room. Keep that door closed and place a bowl on each side. Although your cats can’t see each other, they will feel each other’s presence as they eat.   

Allow Your Cats to See Each Other

When your cats are ready to see each other, set up a baby or pet gate in the door frame of your new cat’s room. 

Let them check each other out for a bit. You can then remove the gate and close up the door until the next viewing session. 

Put Your Cats in the Same Room

Photo by Dietmar Ludmann  from Unsplash

If you have followed the preceding steps for introducing a new cat, this last step doesn’t have to be traumatic.

The key is keeping both cats entertained, preventing them from being overly focused on each other. 

Here’s what you will need to do:

  • Place toys or treats in the room where the meeting will take place. 
  • Bring in one cat at a time. 
  • Make sure the first one is playing with a toy before letting the second cat enter.
  • When the other cat comes in, direct his or her attention to another toy.
  • Let the cats stay in the same room together for a little while.
  • Separate them at the conclusion of the play session.
  • Repeat this process every day, gradually increasing the amount of time they stay in the same room.

Be sure to keep a close eye on how well your cats are getting along. If tensions begin to rise you will have to separate them sooner than planned.

Don’t worry if that happens. Just keep patiently working through the process of introducing a new cat.

When your cats are spending a good portion of the day together without any trouble, you can start to relax. Eventually, they will peacefully coexist in your home. 

How to Start Introducing a New Cat
Article Name
How to Start Introducing a New Cat
If you want another kitty you have to learn about introducing a new cat to the one that already lives in your home. This will help them live in peace together.
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