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Top Tips for How to Save Money on Cats

It’s no secret that cats can be expensive to care for. But you can cut your pet care costs by learning how to save money on cats.

Looking to reduce your pet care expenses? You can! Here are some incredibly helpful tips on how to save money on cats.

Provide a High-Quality Diet

Purchasing better quality pet food doesn’t seem like a good money-saving tip. After all, cheap brands cost way less. 

But think about it.

A good diet will keep your kitty healthy and strong, reducing your cat’s odds of developing a serious health condition. 

But a poor diet is more likely to cause or contribute to health problems that require veterinary care. And those bills will make a serious dent in your bank account. 

By the time it’s all said and done, you would probably end up spending more on veterinary care than you would on good quality pet food.

So, spend a bit more now in order to save a lot more in the long run.  

Reduce Vet Bills

There are ways to reduce the cost of your cat’s medical care. For example, some veterinarians provide payment plans for major expenses. 

And the more routine services, such as spaying and neutering, are often offered by mobile pet clinics and animal shelters at a reduced rate.  

You should also look into getting pet insurance. There are many different options out there, so do your research to find the best insurance plan for you.  

Don’t Declaw Your Cat

Photo by Yuliya kota  from pexels

You might already know that we are against declawing. This procedure is painful for cats and leaves them defenseless against predators. 

Those reasons alone should convince you that declawing your furry friend isn’t worth it. But we also want to point out that skipping this operation will save you money.  

Instead of paying for an expensive procedure, buy a cat scratcher. You can train your feline to use the cat scratcher instead of tearing up your furniture.  This will keep both your wallet and your kitty happy! 

Make Homemade Toys

Photo by Inge Wallumrød  from pexels

Instead of purchasing cat toys from the store, try making them yourself. 

Here are a few ideas:

  • Cut a toilet paper roll into rings. Your four-legged friend will have a great time batting them around the house.
  • Wad up a piece of scratch paper and toss it around the room for your cat to chase.
  • Fill up an old sock with packing paper, then tie a knot at the top of the sock. It will look like a fish for your cat to play with. 

Feel free to get creative and come up with more ideas.     

Get a Customizable Cat Tree

Cat trees are fantastic for felines because they provide great exercise while also giving your kitty a high place to sit.  

But as your cat’s age increases, the tree’s height might need to decrease. If you don’t want to buy another cat tree in the future, purchase one that’s made of blocks. 

Those blocks can be rearranged to change the shape and height of the tree. As your puss gets older, you can make the tree shorter.    

Now that you’ve learned how to save money on cats, you can put those tips into action. The best part is, these tips won’t affect your ability to provide first-class cat care. 

That means you can cut costs and give your kitty a great life at the same time. 

Top Tips for How to Save Money on Cats
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Top Tips for How to Save Money on Cats
Looking to reduce your pet care expenses? You can! Here are some incredibly helpful tips on how to save money on cats.
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