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How To Celebrate Easter With Your Cat?

Easter is on the way! It is a holiday when we spend time with our family and friends, including furry members of our family and enjoy delicious food.

Easter means a lot of fun, like Easter egg hunt, spring blossoms, gifts, and lots of chocolate. Many of these are dangerous to cats, but we can’t ignore our adorable cat at that special event.

If you are a proud parent of a cat and are wondering how to keep your kitty safe during Easter OR How to celebrate Easter with your cat? Then you should read this post to the end.

You may not be able to take your cat on the Easter egg hunt, but you and your cat can still have fun at home with cat-friendly Easter goodies.

It can be fun when the Easter Bunny visits your cat with these cat-safe treats.

Edible Grass

As you know, Easter is incomplete without the eggs, the grass and the basket. Commonly used synthetic grass is dangerous for cats, but you can use edible grass like barley, rye, or even catnip.

There are also many artificial or silk plants available that are also safe for cats. Just visit the garden or shop and decorate your cat basket, it will make your cat vacation unforgettable.

Puzzling Eggs And Game

You can play with your cat and have fun this Easter. You can use the Easter eggs and hide the treat in one of them. Now roll on the ground and give your kitten the task of finding it.

This playtime will be the best Easter gift for your cat. Make sure your cat doesn’t ingest any plastic.

Cat Toys

You can buy many soft cat toys to fill your kitty’s basket. Easter basket and its handle should be sturdy.

There are different kinds of Easter-themed toys available in the market. You can choose one like chick shape soft toys, and bunny shape soft toys etc. You can also design Easter eggs with catnip or cat treats.

Dress Up Your Kitty

There are many ways to dress your kitty on Easter. You can dress up her with Easter bunny ears only if kitty is willing and take her picture. The Easter-themed cat harness and jacket will also look good.

Cat-friendly Easter Gifts

The list of suitable cat gifts could be endless, but the following items will be best for your cat, such as:

  • A new blanket or cat bed
  • New toys
  • Special treat
  • Luxury wet cat food
  • New bowl
  • Scratching post

How To Keep Your Kitty Safe During Easter?

Holidays and events allow us to spend quality time with our furry companion and strengthen the bond, but we must take some safety measures to keep our cats safe and healthy.

Here are some safety tips during Easter holiday such as:

Keep Away Chocolate & Candy

Easter is all about fun with chocolate eggs, candies and food. You should know this fact that chocolates and candies are dangerous to cats.

Candies can cause a bit of an upset stomach, but chocolate can even kill your cat. So you should keep away these things from the cat but if they ingested chocolates and candies immediately contact your vet

Easter Grass And Easter Lilies

Easter grass and lilies may complete your event. But as you know, cats love to chew on everything. The Easter grass can cause blockage of the stomach and intestine if swallowed in large quantities.

Lilies are also toxic plants for cats. It can cause kidney failure, which means your cat will need lifelong care. So you should keep these things out of your house or watch your cat.

Children Toys And Plastic Eggs

Plastic toys and eggs are dangerous to cats because they can ingest them. It will cause obstruction or choking.


Easter should be a time of fun and laughter for all members of the family, including our cats, everyone should be able to enjoy and relax during the Easter holidays.

You should provide your cat with a visitor-free room and try to maintain your cat’s regular routine as much as possible.

Happy Easter to all of you!

How To Celebrate Easter With Your Cat?
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How To Celebrate Easter With Your Cat?
If you are a proud parent of a cat and are wondering how to keep your kitty safe during Easter OR How to celebrate Easter with your cat? Then you should read this post to the end.
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