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How You Can Help a Cat With Separation Anxiety

Does your kitty get anxious whenever you leave the house?  You can provide relief by learning how to help a cat with separation anxiety.        

Are you wondering how to help a cat with separation anxiety?  If so, you’ve come to the right place!  

Read this article to get some tips on how to provide relief for your kitty.  

Teach Your Cat That It’s Okay to Be Alone 

Photo by ANeONBRAND from Unsplash

Your feline friend must learn that it’s okay to be alone.  This is a gradual process that requires patience.  

Here are a few pointers to get you going.

Gradually Increase the Duration of Your Absence

To start with, leave your home for short periods.  As your cat gets used to being alone, gradually extend the duration of your absence. 

Break Negative Associations with Your Departure    

Your cat probably associates certain actions with your departure.  For example, you might always pick up your purse right before leaving. 

If your cat notices this pattern, that action could send your kitty into a tizzy.  

To break that association, pick up your purse several times throughout the day.  But don’t leave the house.

Instead, give your cat a treat when she notices what you are doing.  This will teach your cat that picking up the purse isn’t so bad after all! 

Don’t Make a Fuss

Skip the long goodbyes and indulgent hellos.  Instead, try to remain emotionless whenever you leave.  And when you come home, don’t give attention until your cat calms down.    

You might feel like you are being unkind.  But you’re not.  Instead, you are helping your pet become less anxious.  And that’s doing your beloved feline a huge favor!   

Keep Your Kitty Busy 

While you are gone, don’t let your furry friend get bored.  Instead, leave toys out for your cat to play with.  

A puzzle toy is a great choice.  It will keep your puss entertained for quite a while.  

Here are some other ideas for providing stimulation:

  • Set up a Katris Cat Tree.  This tree is made of rearrangeable blocks, so you can change the shape and height.  That means your kitty will never get bored! 
  • Give your cat a view of the outdoors by setting up a window perch.  Or put the Katris Cat Tree right by the window.   
  • Give your kitty a Katris Nest.  This cat scratcher/cat bed will prevent your fur ball from tearing up the furniture while you’re gone.  Your cat will love scratching away on the Katris Nest!   

Stick to the Routine

Changes increase anxiety.  But consistency combats it.  So, do your best to follow the same routine each day.

Play Calming Cat Music

Have you heard of cat music?  These soothing melodies have been created specifically for felines.  You can leave this music on while you are gone.  It might help calm your cat down.  

Hire a Pet Sitter

Some cats crave company.  If that sounds like your furry friend, consider hiring a pet sitter.  This pet care pro will shower your kitty with some much-needed attention.  

Keep in mind, having a stranger in the house might make some cats more anxious.  Only you can determine what is best for your fur baby.   

Photo by Leighann Blackwood from Unsplash

In Conclusion 

Being anxious isn’t fun.  But there’s no reason to despair.  Now that you know how to help a cat with separation anxiety, you can provide your kitty with relief.    

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