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Here Are 4 Fun Cat Tricks to Teach Your Kitty

Want to teach your kitty some fun cat tricks?  You can! Find out what tricks your cat can learn and how to train your puss to perform them.    

Trick training isn’t just for dogs.  It turns out, our feline friends can learn tricks too.  We’ve created a list of cat tricks below for you to check out.

Let’s get started!    


Teaching your cat to sit on command will make it much easier to tackle other tricks.  That’s why you should work on this behavior first.  

To get started, purchase a clicker and some treats.  After you’ve acquired those training tools, you are ready to teach your cat to sit.  

Just follow these steps:

  • Sit on the floor with your cat in front of you.
  • Slowly raise the treat above your cat’s head and move it back towards your kitty’s tail.  
  • Your cat will naturally sit down as her head follows the treat’s movement.  
  • As soon as your cat sits, click and feed the treat.  
  • Eventually, your cat will sit before you complete the treat’s movement.  At that point, you can start giving the “sit” command.  This verbal cue should be given before moving your hand with the treat.    
  • After saying “sit,” complete the hand signal and give the reward.  Your furry friend will start to associate that verbal cue with the desired behavior. 


Once your kitty masters the sit command, you can move on to other cat tricks.  Let’s start with shake. 

Here’s how to teach your pet to shake:   

  • Tell your cat to sit.
  • Lift one of your kitty’s front paws.
  • Give the “shake” command and reward your cat with a treat.
  • Eventually, your feline will make the connection between the verbal cue and the desired behavior.  
  • Once your cat makes that connection, stop lifting the paw and just say “shake.”


Photo by Jonas Vincent from Unsplash

This next cat trick is one you will want to show off to your cat-loving friends.  Here’s the training process:

  • Tell your cat to sit.  
  • Hold a treat above your cat.  
  • Your feline will probably reach out towards the treat.   
  • When your kitty reaches the treat with her paw, say “high-five.” 
  • Give your cat the teat. 
  • Eventually, your puss will learn what the verbal cue means.  At that point, you can give the command while holding up your hand without the treat.      

Lie down

Photo by Humberto Arellano from Unsplash

Does your four-legged pal try to sleep in your bed?  Then you need to teach your cat to lie down on command.  

After your cat has mastered this command, you can use it to direct your kitty to lie in her own sleeping space.  

Here’s how to teach your cat to lie down: 

  • Tell your cat to sit in front of you.
  • Lower a treat to the ground.
  • Your cat will begin to lower her body.   
  • Click and reward your pet, even if your cat only partially lowers the first time.   
  • Repeat this process.  Each time, wait for your cat to sink a little lower before clicking and rewarding.  
  • Your cat will eventually catch on and start to lie down before you finish the hand motion.     
  • Once that happens, start giving the “down” command before lowering the treat to the ground.  This will teach your cat to respond to the verbal cue.  

In Conclusion 

Teaching your cat to do cool tricks can be loads of fun.  So, what are you waiting for?  Get started on our list of cat tricks today.  And remember to enjoy the process!

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