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Top Tips on Feeding Picky Cats

Some cats are finicky, making it a challenge to feed them.  If that sounds like your feline, you need to learn some tips on feeding picky cats.   

Finicky felines can put up a fight when it comes to eating their food.  Does that sound like your cat?  Then you need to read this article. It’s got some great tips on feeding picky cats.  

Photo by freestocks from Unsplash

Rule Out Any Underlying Health Issues 

First, make sure your cat doesn’t have any health issues that affect appetite.  If your veterinarian doesn’t find anything wrong with your cat, you can proceed with the following tips.  

Don’t Leave Your Cat’s Food Out

If your cat doesn’t finish off or even touch its food, put it back in the fridge and leave it there until it’s time for the next meal.  This will teach your furry friend to eat while food is still available.    

Give Your Cat Moist Food

Many cats prefer moist food, which could explain your pet’s lack of appetite if you’ve been feeding dry chows.  

If that’s the case, try switching to wet or semi-moist food.  This may better suit your cat’s personal preference, causing your kitty to get more excited at mealtime.  

Try Something New

Photo by Laura Chouette from Unsplash

If your cat isn’t eating the food you offer, it could be that your fur baby isn’t a fan of the ingredients.  For example, maybe your cat likes turkey but you are feeding chicken.  

It can’t hurt to try a new recipe made of different ingredients, so long as your cat can tolerate that food.  

Offer Variety 

Imagine having the same meal, day after day.  You would probably get pretty tired of it.  Well, your cat might be feeling that way right now if you aren’t providing a varied diet.

You can prevent mealtime boredom by rotating the foods your cat eats.  Just be sure to only include recipes with ingredients your cat can tolerate.  

Cut Back on Treats

Slipping too many treats to your kitty may spoil your four-legged pal’s dinner.  If you want to make sure your cat is good and hungry by mealtime, reduce the number of treats your pet consumes each day.  And if your cat begs for more treats, don’t give in.   

Put the Food in a Different Spot

Cats definitely have their own ideas about things, including the best locations to eat.  If you fail to put the bowl of food in one of those locations, your cat might choose to skip dinner.  

Test various feeding spots in your home to find the one your kitty likes best.  Maybe it’s near the kitchen.  Or perhaps it’s by the cat scratcher.  Wherever it is, keep feeding your cat in that area. 

Leave Your Cat Alone During Mealtime

Photo by Marco Giuseppe from Unsplash

Having someone stare at you can be nerve-wracking.  Your cat feels the same way, which is why you should allow your furball to eat alone.

Just set the bowl down, walk away, and leave your cat be.  You can come back in a few minutes to discreetly peek at your puss and see if he or she is eating.  

Convincing a finicky feline to eat is hard.  But our tips on feeding picky cats can help you can overcome this challenge.  

Top Tips on Feeding Picky Cats
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Top Tips on Feeding Picky Cats
Some cats are finicky, making it a challenge to feed them. If that sounds like your feline, you need to learn some tips on feeding picky cats.
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