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How To Make Your Cat’s Coat Look Shiny and Beautiful

If your cat’s coat has been looking a bit dull, don’t worry.  Just learn some great tips on how to make your kitty’s coat look shiny!

Have you been thinking, “My cat’s fur looks scruffy and dull”?  Then you need to read this article!  It’s got some great tips that will make your feline’s fur shine.

Photo by Lalalululala from Adobe Stock

Brush Your Cat Often

Brushing your cat more often is one of the easiest ways to improve your pet’s appearance. This kitty care task removes dead hair, dirt, and tangles, making your furball look fabulous!  

But how often should you brush your furry friend?  That depends on the type of coat your cat has.

There are two main cat coat types:  

  • Long Hair – Requires grooming from several times per week to once per day.   
  • Short Hair – Requires grooming once per week  

Here are some general tips for brushing your cat:

  • Start at the head and work towards the tail.
  • Use several different kinds of brushes to accomplish several different purposes.  The brushes you should use depend on your cat’s coat type.  
  • Be gentle when combing out tangles and when brushing sensitive body parts.
  • Hire a professional groomer if you need help caring for your cat’s coat.     
  • Avoid foods that contain questionable ingredients, like preservatives, by-products, additives, etc.  


Photo by Roro Liu from Unsplash

Feed Your Cat Well

A healthy diet will make your feline’s coat shine!  Here are some basic dietary guidelines:  

  • Cats are carnivores, so avoid grains and vegetables.
  • Cats require foods that are high in protein and fat.  
  • Omega 6 and 12 foods promote good coat health.  Fish is a great source of these beneficial nutrients, so consider giving fish oil to your cat.    
  • Choose high-quality foods.  The better the quality, the better your cat’s coat will look.  
  • Along with a healthy diet, cats also need access to fresh water at all times.   

Remember, your cat’s diet should be tailored to meet her specific needs.  You will know those needs are being met when your cat’s coat begins to shine!

On the other hand, a dull coat may be a sign to tweak the diet.  If you need help with that, speak to a pet nutritionist or your trusted veterinarian.  

Photo by Piotr Musioł from Unsplash

Keep Your Kitty Happy and Healthy 

If your fur baby is ill or stressed, her coat will lose its shiny appearance.  Don’t let that happen!

Instead, do everything you can to provide excellent care.  This will keep your kitty happy and healthy.  To do that, you need to give your cat:

  • Plenty of exercise (Getting a cat tree would help!)
  • Enough grooming sessions
  • A healthy diet
  • Lots of time to bond with you

You should also evaluate your pet’s mental health.  If your feline is feeling stressed, find out what’s causing the problem.  Once you know the cause, you can work on reducing or eliminating your cat’s stress.    

When to Get in Touch with Your Veterinarian   

If you take all the right steps but your cat’s coat still isn’t shiny, you should make an appointment to see your veterinarian.  

There could be an underlying health problem that is making your cat’s coat look dull.   Your veterinarian will get to the bottom of it and help you come up with the right treatment plan.