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Healthy Cats

Anti-Declaw: Understanding the Damage of Declawing & the Alternatives

Cats are conditioned to scratch during play and to also mark their territory. You’ll often have instances where your cat scratches you, leading to pain and injury. Cats will also scratch furniture ruining its good condition.

Sometimes this can be frustrating which leads to cat owners opting for a surgical solution to declaw their pets. However, more people are coming against this practice because it causes more harm to the cat.

In addition, there are alternative solutions like a modern cat scratcher that will get the cat off your furniture. In this post, we’ll look at the damages of declawing and some alternatives to consider.

Watch Out for These Signs That Mean a Cat Is in Pain

Want to know when your cat is in pain? Learn how to tell. But don’t stop there. Discover some effective methods of pain relief for cats.
Your heart breaks when your cat is in pain. But it’s not always easy to tell when your feline friend is hurting.
That’s why you need to read this article. It will teach you which signs indicate a cat might be in pain. It will also provide some ideas on pain relief for cats.
Important Note: If you suspect your cat is in pain, make an appointment with your veterinarian.

Is Cat Whisker Fatigue Real?And What Can You Do About It?

Does cat whisker fatigue exist? Learn more and come to your own conclusion! And then learn what to do about this interesting condition.
Ever heard of cat whisker fatigue? If not, you need to read this article. You will learn what this condition is and what can be done about it.
Ready? Then let’s get right to it!

How to Take Great Care of Your Pregnant Cat

What should you do when your cat gets pregnant? First, learn how to care for a pregnant cat. Then, put your new knowledge into action!
Is your feline expecting kittens? Then you need to know how to care for a pregnant cat.
That’s what this article is all about!

Protect Your Cat and Learn More About Pet Poison Control

Want to keep your kitty safe? Then you need to learn about pet poison control. Learning more about pet poisoning will help you prevent this emergency.
Cat parents never want their fur babies to be harmed. But sometimes we forget how easily our pets can get into dangerous foods, plants, and more.
That’s why Pet Poison Prevention Month is so important. This holiday reminds us to keep our furry friends safe from poisons.
Want to learn more about pet poison control? Keeping reading!

Learn Pet First Aid To Help Your Cat in Emergencies

What will you do if your cat gets hurt? If you want to know how to handle emergencies, you have to learn first aid. You must also create a cat first aid kit.
You never know when your kitty might get into trouble. That’s why you need a cat first aid kit. You should also know how to perform pet first aid.
This is an important topic that requires research. This article will get you started.

Your cat will still require veterinary care. First aid is only meant to stabilize your pet for the ride to the vet.

How You Can Help a Cat With Separation Anxiety

Does your kitty get anxious whenever you leave the house? You can provide relief by learning how to help a cat with separation anxiety.
Are you wondering how to help a cat with separation anxiety? If so, you’ve come to the right place!
Read this article to get some tips on how to provide relief for your kitty.

How to Choose the Best Cat Treats for Your Kitty

Want to find healthy cat treats for your beloved kitty? Learn what to avoid and what to choose when looking for the best cat treats.
Every cat parent wants to spoil their fur baby with treats. But don’t just settle for any treat. Instead, carefully choose high-quality products that promote good health.
Need some help? Read this article. It will teach you how to choose the best cat treats.

How to Help Your Kitty Wear a Cat Cone Collar

Is there anything you can do to make it easier for your feline to wear a cat cone collar? Yes, there are ways you can help your precious pet!
No cat enjoys wearing the cone of shame. But sometimes, it can’t be avoided.
So, what should you do if your fur baby needs to wear a cat cone collar while recovering from a medical procedure? Read on to find out!

Try These Natural Treatments to Get Rid of Cat Ear Mites

If your kitty has ear mites, you are probably desperate to provide relief. The good news is, you can! Learn how to treat eat mites in cats.
Does your kitty have ear mites? If so, you are probably wondering how to treat ear mites in cats. This article provides some of the most effective natural remedies. Keep reading to learn about them.