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Healthy Cats

Cat Sleeping Sitting Up

25+ Common Cat Sleeping Positions Guide: What They Mean?

Why Cat Sleeping Positions and Their Meanings Matter? Cats have many different sleeping positions that can give us insight into their comfort level, mood, and even their health. It is important to read into these sleeping positions and patterns to get to know our furry

How to Help Your Kitty Wear a Cat Cone Collar

Is there anything you can do to make it easier for your feline to wear a cat cone collar? Yes, there are ways you can help your precious pet!
No cat enjoys wearing the cone of shame. But sometimes, it can’t be avoided.
So, what should you do if your fur baby needs to wear a cat cone collar while recovering from a medical procedure? Read on to find out!

Try These Natural Treatments to Get Rid of Cat Ear Mites

If your kitty has ear mites, you are probably desperate to provide relief. The good news is, you can! Learn how to treat eat mites in cats.
Does your kitty have ear mites? If so, you are probably wondering how to treat ear mites in cats. This article provides some of the most effective natural remedies. Keep reading to learn about them.

How To Make Your Cat’s Coat Look Shiny and Beautiful

If your cat’s coat has been looking a bit dull, don’t worry. Just learn some great tips on how to make your kitty’s coat look shiny!
Have you been thinking, “My cat’s fur looks scruffy and dull”? Then you need to read this article! It’s got some great tips that will make your feline’s fur shine.