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Cat Roulette

Here is Yuuki again! This time I got a little tired shooting balls on the previous project “Pincat” which led me to the next idea. This project is designed to let the cats play on their own, which hopefully they are not too lazy to do so….

The Cat Roulette is designed to let the cats themselves to trigger the ball and also trigger their interest. Like last project, it has a large surface so the cats can have enough space to roll and purr, but the base of the board is movable. When cats step on the board, the board tilts a little which allows the ball to start running along the rail around. But seems like this project needs a little more time for cats to get used to and feel safe about it. Yuuki did find his way to lay on it, but probably need a bit more time to get comfortable to play on it.


Cat Roulette
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Cat Roulette
Discover Cat Roulette: Feline Fun and Surprises | Dive into a world of adorable cats and unexpected moments. Join the adventure today!
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