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Top 8 Cat Halloween Costume Ideas + Tips for Putting It On

Do you want to dress up your cat?  Get some cute cat Halloween costume ideas.  And find out how to convince your kitty to wear the costume.       

If you want to dress up your kitty, you have to find the right costume.  We can help you with that.  

We’ve listed our favorite cat costumes in this article.  We’ve also listed the best tips for convincing your fur baby to wear that outfit.     

Photo by Reba Spike from Unsplash

Tips for Putting a Costume on Your Cat

Before dressing up your furball, read these helpful tips.  

Choosing the Right Costume

Here are some pointers to keep in mind when shopping for a cat costume.  

Look for Pet-Safe Options 

You certainly don’t want to put anything dangerous on your precious pet.  So, avoid any costumes that could strangle or choke your cat.     

Less is Better

Your kitty doesn’t need a fancy costume.  In fact, the simpler it is the easier it will be to put it on your puss.  Your cat will also be more likely to keep it on.  

Make Sure it Fits Just Right 

If the costume doesn’t fit, your cat will be uncomfortable and will want to get out of it ASAP.  

Get Your Cat Used to the Costume

After you pick out the perfect, cat-safe costume, your kitty needs to get acquainted with it.  

Start by putting the costume on the floor or the cat bed and let your feline check it out.  Then lay the costume on your cat’s back while rewarding your pet with treats.        

Stay on this step for a few days before moving on.  

Put the Costume on Your Cat 

When your cat is used to the costume, it’s time to put it on.  After you put it on, give your furry friend treats and praise.  If at any time your kitty shows signs of stress, take the costume off.  

Photo by Maxim Tolchinskiy from Unsplash

Our Favorite Cat Halloween Costume Ideas

Okay, now it’s time for the fun part.  Here are eight cute cat costumes!

Fierce Lion

Your kitty’s inner wild cat will shine through while wearing this mane.  Be sure to get lots of pictures!    

King for a Day 

Wearing this crown and cape will make your cat believe he really is the king of the house.  Be warned.  It might go to his head!    

Adorable Pumpkin 

If you are dressing up your cat for Halloween, a pumpkin costume is a perfect choice.  

Busy Bee

This costume is super fun.  It’s even got a leash for felines that are leash trained.   

Cute Sailor 

This cute costume is so comfy that your cat probably won’t mind wearing it.     

Dear Old Grandma 

These two costume pieces will transform your cat into a grandma.  The bun hairdo is what really pulls it off!

Slow Snail 

If you want a costume that’s cute and easy to put on, this might be the right one for your furry friend.  

DIY Costumes from Spruce Pets

If you are more of a DIY kind of person, you could try making your cat’s costume yourself.  Spruce Pets explains how to make Pizza Cat and Avo-Cato costumes.  They are both irresistibility cute! 

Photo by Nika Benedictova from Unsplash

In Conclusion 

Hopefully, you will be able to try one of the cat Halloween costume ideas listed above.  But whichever costume you choose, be sure to follow the tips on how to get your kitty to wear it.  

Have fun!